Honolulu Year of the Dragon

View off Mauna Kea Street

Welcome to my new website. I’m still working on getting it just right….so bear with me.

Since I’ve last blogged, Chinese New Year celebrations happened all over Honolulu. Mark and I went to Chinatown for the parade and festival. I love the colors of Chinatown when it’s lit up and celebrating. Lion dancers snaked around the streets and alleys. I snapped a photo of a little girl (I mean, like four years old!) dressed in a lion dancer costume. She wagged her lion head and shook her body. She was already a pro!

We waited for dinner at Little Village and I’ve been craving their food ever since. I can’t wait to go back. It’s worth the wait in line.

She had fun prancing like a lion. She's a pro already!

The next weekend, I watched the performers at Ala Moana Shopping Center. First was a tandem lion dancer team that performed in the lion costume above the floor on small discs affixed to poles that perched from four to eight feet above the floor. The duo had to be coordinated and plant each foot at precisely the right spot and the right second. They were amazing.

Next, lion dancers paraded around each wing of the center, stopping at stores to receive the red “lei see” envelopes and bless the shops and their cash registers for the new year. They even rode the escalator at Nordstrom! I stood between the shoe and cosmetics departments, watching the lions bless my two favorite section of Nordstrom’s. I have great video of it and once I figure out how to load video here, I’ll post it.

New Year's dinner

Now, it’s on to Punxsatawney Phil who saw his shadow today. Six more weeks of winter, but I can’t tell from Oahu. It’s always in the 70’s or low 80’s here. Even in winter.

Happy Year of the Dragon!