Still Adjusting To Life on O’ahu

Last month we were in Seattle for the USC-UW football game. I wrote about the food found in Seahawk stadium; the gluten-free stand, the coffee stands, the healthy popcorn stand.

When I attended a UH football game at Aloha Stadium a couple of weeks ago, I had a difficult time finding something to eat. I wanted something small to nibble on during the game. Popcorn sounded good. Or a pretzel. Yet, I wandered round the stadium and found “plate lunch”, which is a plate piled high with a full serving of meat, rice, and corn. (Usually it’s mac salad, but here it was corn.)  My other choices included fish, which was cooked with shellfish, which I’m allergic to. Here’s a photo of a typical food stand at the stadium:

A food stand at Aloha Stadium

Mark had the saimin.


I ended up with an Ono Pop. It’s a Hawaiian version of a fruit bar.

The game was fun, only because we went with friends and the people around us were entertaining, but UH lost the game and there weren’t many students there.

In the parking lot after the game, we saw a rainbow over the highway next to the stadium. I was told, “There’s always a rainbow after Hawaii loses.” Maybe that’s to remind everyone that even though the team lost, we still get to live in Hawaii?

“There’s always a rainbow after UH loses a game.”

I’ve come across a few other things recently that I’ve found funny, strange or interesting.

I’ll never get used to seeing a whole fish at the grocery store.

Yes, it is cold on the mainland. Buy your scarf and hat at Whole Foods!

Don’t forget, it’s cold on the Mainland!

At the crafts fair, I found women lined up early to try on clothes from one specific Hawaiian dress designer. This wasn’t at the mall or a big box store. This was a local crafts fair held at Blaisdell Center in Honolulu.

Lined up to try on Hawaiian-style dresses and tops at the crafts fair.

And why is garlic $4.99?

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