Around The Island – The Plants, The Panel, The Pump and The Plumeria

The day after our Pearl Harbor excursion, I visited a nursery in Waimanalo. Even on a cloudy day, Waimanalo is a view of lushness with the Ko’olau Mountains as a striking backdrop.

Nursery in Waimanalo

I filled up the car. Gas is going up again.

Seen in Honolulu

A few days later we had dinner in Waikiki, where Mark bought me a lei.  Could someone please develop a widget for smell? I’d add it to my blog so you all could smell the plumeria.

I wish you could smell the Plumeria.

Saturday was game day. My now hometown team was playing my alma mater.  What to do?  Cheer for which team?  The politically correct answer was to attend the Spellbinders conference at the Hilton Hawaiian Village instead.

Big news, Hawaii football and an early whale

Here’s a panel talking about taking a book and turning it into a movie.

Hollywood People



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