A Blustery Easter Day

Last Easter, we sat on the beach under a warm Hawaiian sun, while blue skies beckoned us into the turquoise water. This Easter, we had windy, rainy, grey skies.

Inclement weather didn’t stop Oahu residents from celebrating at the beach. Saturday morning, I met some friends for a morning get together. In the wind-blown park adjacent to the beach, I watched a group set up for a party. Tarps were hung from pillar to pillar under the gazebo area, in order to block the wind and potential rain from their cooking area. A truck pulled up loaded with tables and chairs. Someone was having a luau at the beach.

Every weekend, but especially on holidays, large groups come to the beach areas. They set up grills, chairs and tables loaded with food. Then they line up coolers around the group’s area. There they sit all day, talking story with friends and family, eating ono (good) homemade food and watching the kids play in the ocean.  If there is no covered area, large canopy tents are erected to house the party and protect the food.

Everyone has a good time and when finished every remnant of the party is cleaned up and taken out of the park/beach area.  This happens all over the island.

Yesterday, I watched Ala Moana and Kapiolani parks fill up with families and friends gathering for the holiday.

South Shore sunset on Easter

The rain came crashing onto the island around 4:30, while the wind whipped the palm trees and tents. By 7:00, Mark and I were watching the rain from a restaurant. No luau for us, just a chef-made Easter dinner under a large tent, while watching the storm pass outside.

When it rains here, locals say we are being blessed. We had a blessed Easter Day on Oahu.