Cats, Coffee and Cuisine

I found my new coffee shop! It has a book exchange, a sitting area that’s comfy, good coffee, Wi-Fi and a mellow vibe that reminds me of San Francisco.

Since we moved here, I haven’t been working on my book. Back in the Bay Area, I had a writing partner with a regular place and time we’d meet. I had a writing group that met once a month. I was writing. I miss it and them.

Here, I haven’t any sort of routine; therefore, no writing. I’m not telling where this coffee shop is, because I plan to go there with my laptop and write. And drink coffee. And think of my writing partner back in Marin County and hope she’s writing too.

I also explored the Farmer’s Market and the amount of food there could feed half of Oahu. Mark and I wandered the rows looking at fresh Manoa lettuce, Waimanalo greens, tomatoes, squash, onions, pineapple, papaya and avocados. The baked section had every kind of bread imaginable; squaw, rye, chocolate cherry, garlic butter sourdough, and Hawaiian sweet bread, among stacks of others.

There was hand-churned butter, hand-made preserves and soaps. It was endless.

In the cooked food aisles we found Puerto Rican, Asian, Soul, Mexican, Southern, fish, steak and Mediterranean food. All the smells blended together. It was heavenly!

A van of Japanese tourists unloaded in the parking lot. They wandered the rows of the Farmer’s Market with professional looking video cameras and sound devices.
It put any Bay Area Farmer’s Market to shame. (Well, except one in San Francisco.)
Anyway, we loaded up our bags and I’ve had three meals off the purchases I made.


Then this afternoon, I stopped by a deli on the other side of town. Guess what they had? Brussel Sprouts for $3.50 a pound, already cooked! Three dollars and forty-nine cents at the store and I prep, cook and clean, or $3.50 already done for me.
I’ll be visiting them again soon, plus, they have a resident cat who lets you pet her.
Cat time and Brussel Sprouts – my kind of place.

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