Emma’s (Goldie) New Backyard

Here’s a photo of sister Daisy showing Emma around the backyard. There was a growl or two from Emma when she first met Daisy, but they get along now.

News Flash : Emma loves Wheat Thins! Everytime B. opens the box of Wheat Thins, Emma rushes into the kitchen. She’s still a little scared and won’t come up to B., but she stands a few feet away and longingly looks at the Wheat Thins box. She’ll eat one if B. leaves it on the floor for her or if she throws it to her.

Emma is bonding with my nieces. She lets my younger niece come up to her and pet her. The adults need to sit and wait for Emma to come to them. At night, Emma finds a bed to jump on and sleep. Wonder if my younger niece hides dog biscuits in her bed?

One thought on “Emma’s (Goldie) New Backyard”

  1. What a great picture. My son's dog, Ellie, also loves to jump into our pool. Of course, she does leave behind a little (lot) of black hair behind.:)

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