Free T-shirts!

Through No Excuses University,
Laurel Golden’s 4th/5th grade class chose the University of Southern California.
As a member of the USC Alumni Club of the North Bay, I walked into her class yesterday with a box of USC t-shirts (donated by the USC Alumni Assoc.) for her students. They jumped up, put the t-shirts on over their clothes and entertained us with a So-Cal Spellout and fingers in the air and chants of “Fight On”.
They are wearing their shirts at the all-school assembly today.
Teaching, USC and getting to write about it – my three passions come together!
Fight On!

2 thoughts on “Free T-shirts!”

  1. The kids were SO fired up yesterday, Cynthia, and today too! So thanks again for rushing over with the Tshirts!

    I have a sort of guilty confession… guilty because it's such a wonderful example of USC pride: one of the boys from my class last year refused to wear his UC Davis shirt this year (he's in a different class), saying he'll always be a Trojan! He and I had to have a talk about how it's hurting his new teacher's feelings, and that he could be a Trojan every other day of the week, but an Aggie on Fridays (college days). It's true what they say – once you're in, you're a Trojan for life!!

  2. Oh, no! I guess the alumni did a good job last year teaching your class about the Trojan Family.

    Hopefully he will work hard and go to college.
    Tell your class I say, "Fight On, Room 41 Trojans!"

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