Punchbowl Crater

I have finally returned to my blog. I’ve been writing a book and when I write, it means I don’t blog. When I blog, it means I’m not writing.

I’ll start with our journey to Punchbowl Crater for a funeral. We had wanted to attend Senator Inouye’s service, but President Obama’s appearance made that nearly impossible.

A few week’s later, we attended a service for our friend’s mother and decided to go early and pay our respects to Senator Inouye.

Senator Inouye’s site

We drove the road up the hill and before we turned towards the crater we saw a spectacular rainbow over Nuuanu.


Approaching the entrance to Punchbowl Cemetary (officially the National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific), we stopped to take another photo of a rainbow.

Rainbow over the entrance to Punchbowl Cemetary

A soft rain started as we drove to Senator Inouye’s marker. It continued until the end of the service for our friend’s mother. The rainbow stayed until the end of the service as well. The minister presiding over the ceremony reminded us that in Hawaii a soft rain is a blessing.

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