The Coffee Five-0 Connection

Life on Oahu was busy in May, mostly from visitors. When you move to Hawaii, everyone comes to stay with you.

Anyway, the visitors are gone and I am left with my daily routine. I drop Mark off at work, then head to my secret location to write. It’s quiet first thing in the morning, but gets busier after a few hours. I don’t mind though, by that point I’m in the writing zone and don’t even notice the people around me…..

Until a day a couple of weeks ago, when the flash of a camera shook me from my computer screen full of words.

Alex O’Loughlin was sitting in a chair directly in front of me. If you watch the new Hawaii Five-0 series on CBS, you know Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett.

Go ahead, Google him…….

…..yes, he’s just as handsome in person. After the couple snapped a photo with him, they left. No one else bothered him. He sat, talked on his phone and waited for his order, just like a regular person.

Last year I blogged about a stop at a coffee shop which led us to the Hawaii Five-0 crew filming a scene. We watched Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan take down a bad guy on the beach. The blog title was, “Coffee Gets Us Five-0”.  Once again it seems coffee led me to Hawaii Five-0. If there’s something I’m supposed to glean from this, I’ll assume it’s to keep my coffee addiction.

My secret writing place has great organic Hawaiian coffee. It doesn’t have free Wi-Fi, which is good; otherwise, I’d be online instead of writing.  It has good food, clean bathrooms, comfortable chairs and handsome TV stars. What more could a writer want? (Besides a big time NY agent)

Oh, right, it’s in Hawaii.