Kabajang Tuesday

Last spring I wrote about a crazy weather day here on Oahu. The DJ on the radio called it a “Kabajang Monday”.  Well. it’s been a Kabanjang crazy Tuesday today. It started with thunder and lightning last night. Oahu was under a flash flood warning all day. The rain was relentless. The rain would ease up for a few minutes, tricking us into thinking it might let up, only to have the heavy rain return. This happened all day yesterday and all day today.

We never lost power at our place, but many around us did. Flooded roads were found everywhere I went today, including my own driveway! I also had to purchase my first ever set of sandbags.

I am the proud owner of sandbags.

The rain is supposed to continue until Friday. Let’s hope there’s some dry time in there to let the water drain away. The positive of this is there are amazing waterfalls going off in the mountains. The water isn’t falling straight down. No, the water is gushing so fast and furious it sends the water off the mountain horizontally first, before gravity pulls it down. Beautiful. Hawaii always has a surprise from the land. Always.