Friends, Food and Fireworks

July 5, 2001

Lake Tahoe

Tahoe City had the big fireworks show for the tourists on Independence Day. Those who lived deep on the West Shore cities of Lake Tahoe (Tahoma, Meeks Bay, Rubicon. Homewood) stayed on the West Shore as much as possible over the holiday. The traffic was too much for trying to get anywhere.

But on the 5th, a fireworks show happened off the Homewood marina, paid for by contributions of those who lived there.

Early afternoon, I had taken Petie, Louis’ beagle, for a walk while Louis was mixing Grateful Dead CD’s inside. When Petie and I returned, I said, “It’s such a beautiful day, we should get out.”

Louis stepped away from his music, “We should take the boat out to watch the fireworks.” We called a few friends who all said, “yes” to a cruise on the lake.

Later, while we were packing up towels and an ice chest, I thought about a guy Louis had recently met. “What about Lewis? I said.

“Last time I saw him he said, ‘See you soon,’ but I haven’t heard from him.”

“Maybe he’s waiting for you to call him.” Louis thought for a moment. “You’re absolutely right,” he said as he picked up the phone to call Lewis.

We all met at Obexer’s Marina at 5:00. Louis and another friend were untying the cruiser that comfortably held six from it’s buoy to pick us up on the dock. Lewis arrived with bags of food. We loaded onto the boat and took her out to the middle of the lake.

Lewis retrieved his food and placed it in the middle of the boat for all to share. Chips and a bean salsa. I dove right in. “This is really good.” I said with my mouth still full of the bean and tomato goodness. “Of course it is. I made it. “ Lewis laughed.

The sun started to set, creating an orange Alpenglow behind the mountains. As the sky changed to pink, all six of us on the boat ooohed and ahhhed at the same time. The calm lake water perfectly reflected the pink sky. Pink was everywhere; across the open sky, passing the granite mountainside, and over the immense lake.

We tied up to the buoy as the sky turned dark and waited for the fireworks.

The first one shot off right over us.  We gasped as we saw the colors of the fireworks in the sky reflected on the water around our boat.

The weather was perfect. The lake conditions were perfect. We couldn’t have planned it better, yet it had come together in a few hours. Friends, food, and fireworks in beautiful alpine scenery.

As Louis and I drove back to his house in Meeks Bay, I said, “I loved the salsa Lewis made. No wonder he’s a chef.”

Louis stared at the road, lost in thought, then said, “I wonder if he’d want to cater a video shoot?”

As far as I know, Magic Louis and Chef Lewis are still friends today.