The Coffee Five-0 Connection

Life on Oahu was busy in May, mostly from visitors. When you move to Hawaii, everyone comes to stay with you.

Anyway, the visitors are gone and I am left with my daily routine. I drop Mark off at work, then head to my secret location to write. It’s quiet first thing in the morning, but gets busier after a few hours. I don’t mind though, by that point I’m in the writing zone and don’t even notice the people around me…..

Until a day a couple of weeks ago, when the flash of a camera shook me from my computer screen full of words.

Alex O’Loughlin was sitting in a chair directly in front of me. If you watch the new Hawaii Five-0 series on CBS, you know Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett.

Go ahead, Google him…….

…..yes, he’s just as handsome in person. After the couple snapped a photo with him, they left. No one else bothered him. He sat, talked on his phone and waited for his order, just like a regular person.

Last year I blogged about a stop at a coffee shop which led us to the Hawaii Five-0 crew filming a scene. We watched Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan take down a bad guy on the beach. The blog title was, “Coffee Gets Us Five-0”.  Once again it seems coffee led me to Hawaii Five-0. If there’s something I’m supposed to glean from this, I’ll assume it’s to keep my coffee addiction.

My secret writing place has great organic Hawaiian coffee. It doesn’t have free Wi-Fi, which is good; otherwise, I’d be online instead of writing.  It has good food, clean bathrooms, comfortable chairs and handsome TV stars. What more could a writer want? (Besides a big time NY agent)

Oh, right, it’s in Hawaii.

2 thoughts on “The Coffee Five-0 Connection”

  1. Sigh…you’re lucky to see Alex twice! 🙂 Did he have a smile for you?
    Haven’t seen any celebs recently. I’m sure they’re out there among us.
    Did get to see Jack Lord (the first Steve McGarrett) at the Honolulu Stadium when they were filming an episode. Stood right in front my box seat in the grandstand behind home plate – then I saw Tom Selleck while filming downtown in the Kress building after it had closed. Even got close enough to Tom to touch his shirt before his bodyguard shoo’d me away.

  2. Aloha Fran,
    Couldn’t the bodyguard just have let you touch his sleeve?
    I wish I had seen Jack Lord. We watched the original every week. It was THE show back then.
    Alex didn’t have a smile for me. He was talking on the phone, ordering food and just being a regular person. He does have a nice smile, at least on TV.

    See you soon,

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