Tsunami Warning

I was starting to type about my experience with the 11:45 am Tsunami warning on the first of February, when I turned on the news and saw the 8.8 earthquake in Japan. Now Hawaii is under a tsunami warning. I’m currently back in the Bay Area packing up for our move.

I haven’t written about our friend, I’ll call Jake. Jake was transferred to Oahu by his company our second week on Oahu. He’s a friend of a friend and she connected us by e-mail. Mark and I met Jake for dinner and we all got along great. We bonded over being San Franciscans in Hawaii. We took Jake for his first malasada and his first Lappert’s Ice Cream. It was an experience we were doing together – moving to Oahu.

Now, Jake is in Honolulu without a car and without us. I feel like we abandoned him. We were having this experience together and now he’s there and we’re here. Jake messaged me about 20 minutes ago. He was on his way to the store for water.

Praying for Japan and all those under the tsunami warning.

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