Where Are The Brussel Sprouts?

A trip to the grocery store is usually routine. We were eating out a lot due to not being settled in our place, but now we shop at our local Foodland; a great supermarket and walking distance to our place.

My first inclination I’d have to adjust was when I couldn’t find decent potatoes anywhere. What would my Irish grandmother say to a meal without potatoes? I’d have to find something else instead. Not rice. I’m sick of rice. What do the Hawaiians use for their starch? Yes, you remember now, that gooey stuff they serve at luaus.


I can have Poi English muffins. Sigh.

I’m a huge vegetable fan and I love brussel sprouts. I’ve gone to the fields in Half Moon Bay before to pick freshly cut brussel sprouts off the ground after a harvest or I’d buy them at the local market in San Francisco for .99 a pound. I found them at Foodland. Look at that price! $3.49. I may have to forgo a steak to eat brussel sprouts. (I can hear my vegan friends cheering now.) And what is that funny looking cucumber thing? I better learn to cook with it.

Then I saw the green onions. They’re huge! I placed a green pepper on them for comparison. Pineapples are still locally grown and sold here.

Finally, I searched for guacamole and salsa. Let me just say that eggs are NOT an ingredient in guacamole and neither should it nor salsa be as runny as soup broth. Just before I left for the market a friend had e-mailed me information about her brother’s long-time friends from Berkeley who started a tortilla business in Hawaii. I found Sinaloa Tortillas at Foodland, curiously, also for $3.49. I asked my friend if the tortilla people could find us a place for Mexican food. She asked. Her brother e-mailed me a phone number. The tortillas are delicious!

I’m calling them tomorrow.

We left Foodland and found the cart sign on the post in the parking lot. Mahalo!

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