Where is Jenny from San Francisco?

Here’s a Facebook entry from a friend in San Francisco. He’s looking for a girl he met seven or eight years ago. The romantic in me hopes he finds her and all ends happily, but even if it doesn’t, I hope he hears from her. Here it is:

Jennie, it’s been about 7 or 8 years since we met in The Dubliner Bar on 24th Street in San Francisco. You had more than a passing resemblance to the actress Amy Brenneman. We hit it off, we had good laughs, good chemistry and calm moments at a time when we were both going through some stormy moments in our own personal lives–or, maybe that was just me. But circumstances then did prohibit us from getting to know each other better.

And I always thought I’d run into you again, and obviously I haven’t. Where are you, what are you doing? I’d love to say HELLO! one more time, even if only to say goodbye. Too much, perhaps, to offer to take you out on that date you asked me to ask you out on–and I couldn’t then as I was involved in a disaster, but committed in my own way to doing what was right at the time.

But the fact is that you lingered enough in my heart and mind for me to try to find you. A pity I never asked your full name, it simply never crossed my mind, and there is an infinity of Jennies, Jennys, Jennifers, Gennys and other spellings on Facebook and elsewhere online, profile photos are tiny, some are of flowers or logos and I just can’t see you– so this is my attempt to be seen by you and let you know that I did like you: A lot!

…And perhaps you are just a pleasant little daydream in this dreamer’s little world…

Whatever your status, single, married, in a relationship, whatever it is, hope you are happy and hope this makes its way somehow to your online network and perhaps you can say hi.

Derek from Ireland, still in San Francisco.

The Facebook page is titled, Jenny. (Or was it Jennie?) Where art thou?

Update: Derek found Jenny. Unfortunately, she is unavailable.


2 thoughts on “Where is Jenny from San Francisco?”

  1. Another of life's chance meetings…good luck to Derek.

    Enjoying your blog Cynthia. I've been getting caught up on your posts.

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